Presentation: Innovation Through Engagement

Mary Jo Greil and the Carson Greil team provide multiple programs designed and customized for each presentation. See additional programs in Leadership Development

Program overview:
 Innovation Through Engagement with optional work session.

Innovation has significantly impacted Operations, Service, and Strategy. However, management innovation that engages employees is a new frontier. Innovation Through Engagement provides attendees with practical examples. It is through engagement that we can bring about innovation; it is through management innovation that we can bring about engagement.

The audience hears stories and practical examples that support the following key messages:

  • Linkage between engagement and innovation
  • Organizational change starts with knowing how people change
  • Employee Engagement is strategic and multi-dimensional
  • Accelerators:   3 R’s for results  (Reflective skills, Relationships and Resiliency)

Participants receive several handouts, including an Organizational Framework that helps increase people engagement back on the job.

Click here for Presentation Abstract

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