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Accelerate Meaningful Change for You and Your Leadership”:

Accelerate Lead Magnet

Experience a Five-Stage Process to Accelerate Meaningful Change

Many senior leaders struggle at some point.

Do you …

  •  desire to make deep change in your organization, on your team, and/or in your own life?
  • want to be more strategic to have greater impact?
  • seek to be a more effective leader?

I have news for you. You need to change first. As Gandhi so eloquently puts it, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Accelerate Meaningful Change AND Achieve Results that matter!

Through a five-stage process that focuses on accelerating meaningful change in you first, the following results can be achieved:

  • clarity about your inner state (i.e. beliefs, values, purpose, etc.)
  • mastery of new tools/practices to advance your personal and professional development, and
  • increased effectiveness and impact.

Full Speed Ahead: Your role, as we learn the five-stage process, is to be in the driver’s seat. You determine how much, how fast, how soon, and how deep you want to change.

My role, as the coach, is to chart the course, help clear the pathways, provide the guard rails, and track progress.

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About The Carson Greil Group

After 20 years in senior business management and leading large-scale change initiatives, Mary Jo Greil formed the Carson Greil Group when she saw a need to provide leadership capacity development through engaging the talents and expertise of others. Mary Jo and her associates draw upon a broad repertoire of expertise to customize programs that help individual leaders, teams and/or organizations create new meaning/new perspectives/new ways of working together, etc. The results are increased alignment, revived energy, strengthened relationships, effective action, and practical solutions.

The Carson Greil Group specializes in:

  • Coaching to help individuals clarify their focus, improve internal alignment and meet their ever changing challenges today
  • Leadership Development to help businesses and the individuals within them to increase their capacity to achieve and build a positive culture that delivers top/bottom-line results
  • Strategic Change Consulting to support teams and/or organizations transition from a current state to an improved future state. Customized methods are designed to match each client’s needs and goals



Change Consulting

Coalition Consulting

Executive Coaching

Innovation Through Engagement

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